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4 Sustainable Brands You'll Love!

Here I'm going to talk about my favorite sustainable fashion brands that I think you will love!



And now the brands...

DÔEN: The first brand I'm going to talk about is DÔEN. The brand is based out of LA and uses "vintage designs and our nostalgia for the California of past decades" for inspiration. I love how effortlessly pretty and glamourous their designs look. It is super wearable while still having an elevated vibe to it. Super cool, easy to wear, sustainable brand.

Stella McCartney: I love Stella McCartney and all of her designs! the brand is one of the few "high-fashion" brands that have completely sustainable collections. I admire that about Stella McCartney herself and the brand. They did a collab with Adidas a little bit ago and made a completely vegan Stan Smith shoe that I absolutely loved!! Stella McCartney is the pinnacle of what a great sustainable brand should be.

Boyish Jeans: This is an extremely everyday brand! You could wear these jeans almost anywhere and look amazing. The whole brand is completely sustainable by using sustainable dyes, recycling cotton, and using vegan denim (no leather as well). I really love their jeans and the jean jackets a lot and would recommend the brand to anyone.

And lastly...

Gabriela Hearst: Her entire ss2020 line was completely carbon neutral! It was also the first carbon-neutral collection to be at New York Fashion Week! That is such a great step in the right direction for sustainability in the fashion industry and I hope her collection inspires others. I love her designs and use of white garments in collections. I find them very chic and so gorgeous! Anyone would love all of her designs!


Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed! If you have any comments or recommendations I would love to hear them!

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I hope everyone is well and has an amazing week!

Stay Safe

- Owen Price

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