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Are Dad Shoes Still In?

Here I will be discussing if "Dad Shoes" are still in and my opinions on them!



When did the trend of "Dad Shoe" start:

I first noticed this trend pop up in the summer of 2018. The shoes popped up on the feet of many celebrities throughout late 2018. Examples of this would be: The Hadid sisters wearing the Triple S by Balenciaga, Jaden Smith wearing the Louis Vuitton Archlight (he also wore these to the Met Gala in 2019), and all the Kardashians wearing the Yeezy 700's (shown at the top of the collage above ^).

These shoes continued to gain popularity and were worn by many Instagram Influencers and streetwear fanatics. They have stayed quite popular but where do they rest now?


Dad Shoe's popularity today:

Recently I have seen a noticeable decline in the amount of so-called "dad shoes" released in newer collections, but that doesn't mean that they have completely gone away. A big spark of interest keeping the style alive is, Billie Eilish. Billie is known for her oversized clothing and big shoes, so dad shoes fit perfectly in her closet. Since fashion trends are so largely inspired by what celebrities are wearing, her continuing to wear them has almost brought them back slightly. Again, I don't think that the shoes will be as popular as they were in 2018-19, but they still are somewhat afloat.

Billie Eilish wearing Balenciaga Triple S ^


My Opinion on Dad Shoes:

I used to absolutely love all of the dad shoes that were released by luxury brands and by streetwear brands. This was of course when these shoes were at their "peak". Nowadays I'm a little pickier when it comes to these shoes.

My favorites are:

Jungle Chain Reaction Shoe By Versace ^


Rhyton Shoe by Gucci ^


I hope you guys liked the post and fou d some of my thoughts on the "dad shoe" trend. Even though there is nowhere to wear fashion right now, it is still good to be in the know!

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