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Best Bags of: S/S 2020 Season

In today's post, I will be going over some of my favorite bags of the current S/S 2020 season that were just released!



Below I will be listing each bag I love from this season and giving a few of my opinions on them! So if you love bags and/or are looking for some new ones, keep reading!


#5: Bottega Veneta Pouch: This bag is really minimalistic and chic, and can be paired with pretty much any outfit. May it be to a runway show or to eat out with friends, this bag is truly universal and can be worn anywhere. Bottega Veneta definitely went up in my rankings of favorite brands because of this season.

#4: LV Escale Onthego GM: Louis Vuitton has always been known for it's beautiful luggage and bags, but the newest colorways are absolutely stunning. The ombre effect gives a fun and fresh look to the bag while still staying sophisticated and luxurious. This bag is a perfect spring/summer tote that could be used when traveling or just for everyday use.

#3: Gucci Horsebit Azalea: Alessandro Michele's designs at Gucci always have a nice 70's throwback touch and this is another great example of that. This clean white, very chic, bag is great for everyday glamour. The design is very simple but extremely beautiful at the same time. The simplicity in the white coloring and design gives a very luxurious look to the bag, that anyone could wear. I love this bag a lot and would recommend it to anyone.

#2: Dior Lady D-Lite Embroidered Cannage: This bag was very close to being number one on my list (but there was one I just loved a little more). The elegance behind all of Dior's creations is so iconic and this bag is just one great example of that. The iconic Lady Dior bag is a favorite among so many, but the new version of this bag (Lady D-Lite) is absolutely gorgeous. The use of different fabrics and embroidering really make the bag pop. The Lady D-Lite is a great bag to wear as an evening bag to a nice dinner, but it still can be worn casually and effortlessly.

And now for my favorite on the list...

#1: LV Escale Speedy Bandouliere 30: The speedy bag is (in my opinion) the most iconic bag that Louis Vuitton has ever made. This bag was created in 1930, and still manages to stay modern and stylish. I found that the new Escale collection really gave this bag a fun and fresh makeover, that really did it well. The bright colors could have easily looked tacky or "too much" but in the end, this bag really looks amazing. This could be worn by anyone, young or old, fashionable or not into fashion. Louis Vuitton really did a fabulous job with this bag. I definitely give this bag a 10/10!


I hope you guys liked this post and it inspired you to get ready for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. As more pieces come out and I find more items I like, I will continue to make list like this!

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Stay Safe

-Owen P

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