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Best Black-Owned Luxe Brands!

I felt like it was my part to post about what was going on in recent times and to show ways that you could support black-owned businesses in a fashionable way!



I will be continuing this series for a little bit, as well as posting info on how you can do your part in supporting the movement and making a change!


Now to the brands...

#3: Heron Preston:

This brand is known for its great streetwear pieces, as well as bright colors and distinct prints! Definitely should know and support this brand if you are into streetwear!

#2: Telfar Clemens:

I absolutely am obsessed with the designs from this brand! If you love cool shapes this brand is definitely for you! I also love their bags as well!

#1: Off-White:

Off-White is probably my number one favorite brand! I love Virgil Abloh and all of his designs and color uses! Watching his runways is always something fun to do!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are excited for the rest of this series! There is a lot going on right now but, change is happening!!

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Thank you so much for your support! And remember Black Lives Matter!

- Owen Price

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