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Best Shoes Spring 2020

I'm back! Today I'm going to be giving you guys a list of my favorite shoes [sneakers and heels] of Spring 2020!



First I'll start with my 2 favorite sneakers of Spring 2020...

Louis Vuitton LV Escale Time Out:

I love the coloring on this shoe and feel like it could be matched with pretty much anything. This super "springy" shoe also has a really cool sole that gives a little elevation to it. I think the touch of the spiked sole instead of a flat one made the quality of the shoe a lot higher! Also, the monogram is, of course, an iconic part of Louis Vuitton and I really like how it is done on these shoes!

Prada Cassetta Wheel Tech. Fabric High Tops:

These are so chic and wearable, I absolutely am obsessed! It gives me almost a "high-fashion" converse vibe. Again, like the previous shoes, this can pretty much be worn with almost anything! I also feel like this could possibly be styled a little more "classy" if wanted. Overall great sneaker and I love this colorway!


Okay, and now onto the heels...

Gucci Leather Pump Horsebit Heel:

If you've been following and reading my blog for a little bit now you would/should know that I love what Alessandro Michele has done for Gucci. I love this little heel moment and the chain is just a great touch. I also love the Horsebit on the front of the heel. The cutout, almost strap, at the back also brings a vibe of "elegance" and "glamour" to the heel. At the moment, I am really obsessed with this shape of heel and this did not let me down!

Maison Margiela Tabi Logo Sandals:

Right now square-toed heels are really in, and I'm here for it! I love the shape of the whole shoe and I think anyone could pull it off. I also really like the heel shape, tapered in at the top and somewhat "chunky". This shoe is perfect for a dinner or evening wear outfits!


I hope you guys enjoyed that post! I had to take a little break because I was moving but now I'm back! If you have any comments or recommendations I would love to hear them!

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