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Best Tiny Bags Of 2020!

In today's post, I am going to be talking about my favorite tiny bags at the moment!

(Not all of these bags were made in 2020, but they are my faves at the moment!)



And now onto the bags...

#5: Kanken Side Sling Bag: I love this bag because I am a huge fan of the Kanken shape and designs. I love the overall square (ish) shape of the backpack! It was a very smart decision to recreate their original backpack in a mini side bag form because I feel like it gives people more opportunity to wear it! Overall great, sturdy, bag!

#4: Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag: This nylon shoulder bag is making a comeback and I am living for it! It is so easily paired with a casual/simple outfit, but it could also be worn up or formally. I love this underarm shoulder shape and I think truly anyone could wear it!

#3: Jaquemus Le Chiquito Bag: Jaquemus being known for their tiny bags had to be on the list at some point and this is my favorite one of their bags! I love the wearability of this and I think that it is big enough to actually have things in it! Jaquemus does have some extremely small bags but I think that this is reasonable and gorgeous!

#2: Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy: This super small bag has been spotted worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid! In specific, my favorite of the Nano collection is the black rainbow colorway that was created by Takashi Murakami! Realistically, this bag is very hard to wear and put stuff in, but I still absolutely love this bag!

And last but definitely not least...

#1: The Versace Small Icon Bag: I am obsessed with this bag, the shape, the design, and the Medusa Logo! This bag is so luxurious and wearable at the same time, and that is something that I love in a bag!! You could easily wear this on the day to day, but you could also wear this to a high scale event! Overall 11/10 for this bag!


Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any comments or recommendations I would love to hear them!

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