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Everyday Spring Fashion: 2020

In this daily blog post, I will be talking about some of my favorite every day (luxury) spring fashion!



I've compiled a list of some of my top 4 favorite "everyday wear" (still very luxury) items from the Spring season 2020. I hope you enjoy:

4. Bottega Veneta chain rimmed mesh heels:

Super high-fashion, while still having an element of everyday glamour!

3. Fendi Fab Crossbody Bag:

I love the color on this bag (they also have a bright green on I love!), the yellow really brings the spring vibe into the mix. I also love the use of crystals on the "FF" logo.

2. Fendi Sequin Embroidered Stripe Shorts:

Another Fendi piece I am obsessed with, Fendi did an amazing job this season! The use of clear sequins gives a really cool effect on the shorts, and I love how these can be styled up or down (more casual).

And my absolute favorite...

1. Gucci Blue Lamé Dress with Collar:

I love how this dress has almost an essence of youthfulness to it, while still being so elegant. Again, this piece can be worn up or down and I really appreciate that in a garment!


I hope you guys liked the post and maybe will look into some of the pieces this spring. Even though there is nowhere to wear fashion right now, it is still good to be in the know!

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Stay Safe

- Owen P

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