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Gucci Pre-Fall 2020: Review

The Pre-Fall Gucci Campaign just came out and I am so excited! Today I will review the collection as a whole and go through some of my favorite pieces! (This post will contain both Women's Wear and Men's Wear.)



Summary of the Collection:

As Gucci put it, the collection is "An ode to innocence, when as children we revelled in nature and life."(Gucci) Alessandro Michele's designs have a very playful essence to them and this collection is the epitome of that. The Michele Era of Gucci has brought a fresh breath of air to the house that it was really needing. Since the iconic "Gucci Print" white tee, a bunch of hype has been revolving around the brand. Not only has he brought in the "Streetwear" crowd and style into the brand, but he also has kept the chic and luxurious tailoring that keeps the original vibe of older Gucci. You see all of these characteristics in this collection. From the gorgeous tailoring of suits and jackets to the more modern/streetwear tops and accessories. I truly love this collection and believe this was extremely well executed.


Top 4 (overall) pieces from the collection:

(I'll go from left to right, then up and down)

Look #1: This grey suit is a perfect example of an Alessandro Michele design. It has beautiful tailoring and exquisite design. From what I've noticed, Michele draws a lot of inspiration from the '70s. The flare pant adds a nice '70s touch to the outfit while still being tasteful and chic. Gucci really does do an amazing job on their suits and tailoring.

Also, I would love to add the accessories on all of these pieces are absolutely a great touch to the garments themselves.

Look #2: The next look is a sequin embroidered, knee-length dress. I feel like this dress (with the touches of blue and green in accessories) is a perfect example of what Michele took for inspiration. This brings youth and innocence, while still being well made and a gorgeous dress to wear. This could be styled up for a celebrity dinner/red carpet or you could wear this while going out to brunch with friends. Overall, amazing design and construction! I am obsessed with this dress.

Look #3: I thought that this yellow jacket styled with a striped top and a lavender skirt was a great example of the more streetwear side of today's Gucci. The bright colors, that can be noticed from far away, with the oversized sunglasses and necklace show how someone who has more of a street style could wear this piece, but pairing it with the button up top and a nicely constructed skirt shows how someone with more of a "classy" or chic style could wear this piece. Again, amazingly styled and a great design done by Alessandro Michele.

And lastly...

Look #4: Next up, a blue and white rugby top, paired with pants done in a beautiful teal color. This shows the effortless luxury done by Gucci. This is more of an everyday look that makes you look polished and stylish, but also not like you're trying too hard. This look is leaning towards the more streetwear side of the fashion world by styling it with a bucket hat, but I really do think that this could be worn by anyone. I absolutely love this outfit and would wear it myself any day.


I hope you guys enjoyed my review of the Gucci Pre-Fall 2020 Collection! You can go check out the campaign for yourself by hitting the link below!

Please let me know if you have any comments or recommendations! And I hope you all have an amazing day!

Stay Safe

-Owen P


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