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How Coco Chanel Changed Fashion!

In today's post, I will be discussing ways in which Coco Chanel changed the fashion industry and how she inspired pieces we now see today!



Who was Coco Chanel:

She was born in Samur, France as Gabrielle Chanel (but changed her name later on in her life). She created the iconic and adored luxury house, Chanel. She truly revolutionized how we perceive so many different things in fashion. From simple silhouettes or designs that are known by many, Chanel really changed the whole fashion game!


Now on to some ideas/pieces that were created by Coco Chanel:

The "Little Black Dress":

It is now said that every woman should have a "little black dress" in their closet and this staple was created by Coco Chanel in 1926. The elegance of this dress shows how she took simplicity and elevated it to a whole new level. This (I would say) is probably one of the most or is the most iconic dress to ever be made. The fact this is still a staple of women's wear shows how brilliant Coco Chanel really was!

American Vogue 1926 ^


The abolition of the corset:

Coco Chanel believed that the women wearing her clothing should be as comfortable as possible (and this is a trend throughout many of her designs). She decided to loosen up the fit of many dresses/pieces and to have women not need a corset. This was revolutionary because for years women would wear a corset and it would be so utterly uncomfortable! Then Coco Chanel came and said that she wanted women to be free and live comfortably! So many women loved this idea and that is just one reason why Chanel gained so much popularity!

Faux Pearls:

This wasn't the biggest innovation but she still made the market for faux pearls/jewelry a lot bigger. She thought that by having faux pearls it would make the pieces more every day ready and way less expensive. A lot of women loved this and wore the necklaces daily!

The use of Jersey Fabric:

At that time, jersey fabric was only used for men's underwear. So when Coco Chanel decided to start using it in her brand, a lot of people were confused or surprised. But, she later said that the reasoning behind it is again, that she wants women to be more comfortable and to have the pieces be able to be worn on the daily. The use of jersey fabric became a big hit at the time and was loved by many!

Coco Chanel wearing Jersey fabric ^


I hope you guys enjoyed this sort of post! I am enjoying going over some of my favorite designers! If you have anyone you would like to see an article on I would love to it in the comments!

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