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Inspiration:The Victorian Era

In this post I will be discussing recent use of the Victorian Era as inspiration in the fashion world!



While I watching watching the recent Gucci and Louis Vuitton shows, I noticed a strong prevalence of the Victorian Era in the clothing coming down the runway.

Nicolas Ghesquière specifically noted this by having a Victorian inspired "Opera Audience" behind the runway. The people seated in this area were dressed up in the Era's attire.

Now on to the looks...


Louis Vuitton: As stated previously, Nicolas Ghesquière had already brought up the idea of incorporating "Victorian time pieces" for inspo, but seeing the looks that came down the runway was something else! I loved his designs because of his use of modern tailoring and leather work, while at the same time having these beautifully pleated skirts based off Victorian Era crinoline/hoop skirts. His innovative designs and bag creations go to show how worthy he is of being the Creative Director of the infamous Louis Vuitton Women's Wear Line.


Next up...

Gucci: Now, I have been a huge fan of Alessandro Michele's Gucci for a few years now but this recent show was truly extravagant. The brilliant dresses that came down the runway really showed Michele's creative side. The beautiful hoop skirts and pleaded, lace dresses were amazing choices to add to the collection. I think that the addition of Victorian inspired wear was a nice, imaginative touch to the runway, while still being tasteful and elegant at the same time. Michele really out did himself with this collection and I am excited to see more from him.

Those were some of my favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton and Gucci shows, that were Victorian inspired. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don't be afraid to check out more posts of mine on my blog page!

Stay safe!

-Owen P

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