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Model Status: Indira Scott!

This is a new series on my blog where I will be talking about my favorite models and their career! I hope you guys enjoy!!



Indira Scott:

Indira Scott is an Ameican model from NYC that had her debut season in F/W 18. She closed the Dior Haute Couture show during her first season! She was first scouted in 2018 while working retail and she says that her sister had also been scouted at the time. Since then, she has signed to Silent Paris and has walked numerous shows including Dior, Jaquemus, Sacai, and so many more! Her goal as a model and a person is to "create a platform/safe space where people can feel “beautiful and that they are enough” (Indira Scott for Dazed Magazine).


More on Indira:

She has made a name for herself because of her trademark box-braids. She says that her hair is a huge part of her identity and that it is great that designers love her hair, and don't make her take it out. Previously, Indira has said that she was made fun of for her hair but now it has become a staple of her and her personality. This is one of the main reasons she wants to create this platform of self-acceptance because she didn't allow others to dictate whether or not she loved herself or her hair!

How did I find out about her?

I first found out about Indira Scott while watching Vogue's "Diary of a Model" series on Youtube. She did an episode where she took the crew (and us ) around with her on a day of Paris Fashion Week. I immediately fell in love with her whole vibe and followed her right away on Instagram (which you should too). It is one thing to have a great runway walk and be beautiful, but when you also are an amazing person and have a great personality it is even better!

Overall I love all of Indira's work and appreciate what she is trying to do with self-acceptance so immensely! I hope you guys now go and check out the Vogue video I was talking about!


Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you guys enjoy this new series of mine. Like always, if you have any comments or recommendations I would love to hear them!

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