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Monthly Update: May

Today I am going to be giving an overview of all the posts I've done and discuss other parts of the blog!



This May on The Owen Review:

In May I created a total of 20 blog posts (so far)! I am so happy with all the support I am getting and I am excited to post more! I have learned so much throughout my time doing this blog and I hope I have taught you guys some more information about the fashion industry.

Some of my favorite posts I have made are: Zodiac Outfits, Model Status: Indira Scott, and Best Tiny Bags of 2020.

I would love to hear feedback from you guys about which posts you guys are enjoying and want to see more of! You can do this at the bottom of the home page!

Also, I would love to hear any ideas for articles that you guys would want to see!


I hope you guys are enjoying the blog and if you have any comments or recommendations you can send them at the bottom of the home page!

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Thank you so much!

Stay Safe

- Owen P

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