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My Favorite Met Gala Looks!

Here I'm going to go over my absolute favorite looks from the Met Gala. This year's Met Gala was supposed to be today but it had to be canceled, so I thought this would a good time to review my favorite garments and looks!



Now onto the looks...

#6: Billy Porter wearing The Blonds: The theme of the year when he wore this was camp and he definitely upheld the standard! He is wearing a gold catsuit paired with HUGE gold wings. He is also wearing a 24kt gold headpiece. This extravagant look was inspired to look like a Sun God. The Blonds completely succeded with that task. Not only was the outfit extra, but he was also carried in by 6 men holding him up.

#5: Naomi Campbell wearing Valentino: This color is so gorgeous and it looks so amazing on Naomi. The feathers attached to shoulders are beautifully done and make this look so glamorous and luxurious. I love the touch of lace and the legs and the tulle that the dress was made of. Overall the look was impeccably done.

#4: Rihanna wearing Guo Pei: This absolutely stunning look was done in 2015 when the theme was China: Through the looking glass. The beautiful embroidering throughout the giant train was such an amazing touch and really elevated the look. I feel like it is necessary to bring up the crazy extra and luxurious shawl with a gorgeous train. My favorite part of it is the fur trimming and the yellow coloring!

#3: Kim Kardashian wearing Thierry Mugler: Again, the theme of this year was camp, and she definitely on par with that. Thierry Mugler hadn't designed a collection or anything since 2003, but he came out of retirement to make this latex dress for Kim. It was supposed to resemble a dress that had been worn into the water and was dripping wet. The water droplets were made of crystal and as a said before the dress was made of latex. Kim's waist looks invisible. It is absolutely crazy how they pulled that off. She said that it took a very long time to get into the dress, but wow it was worth it!

#2: Kendall Jenner wearing Versace: Versace did a beautiful job with this dress. Kendall Jenner, being a supermodel, looks amazing in pretty much anything but the bright orange paired with gorgeous feathers really looked so luxurious and chic. The super extravagant dress, made specifically for the Gala, was constructed and designed so well. I love the big feather accessory attached to her arm, this was a wonderful touch. Also, I love the blend from fabric to feathers at the bottom! I give this dress for sure a 10/10.

And now my absolute favorite...

#1: Rihanna wearing John Galliano: This church inspired garment was so intricately done with embroidery from top to bottom. The theme was "heavenly bodies", and Rihanna looks celestial for sure. The tailoring and construction are so perfect it is crazy. As well as the overall design; it doesn't look like a costume, but you can definitely see the inspiration in the look. Rihanna is known for her gorgeous gowns and garments, and she really popped off with this one!


I hope you guys liked this post and it inspired you to get ready for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. As more pieces come out and I find more items I like, I will continue to make list like this!

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Stay Safe

-Owen P

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