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My Favorite Online Clothing Stores!

In today's post I am going to be listing and talking about some of my favorite online clothing stores!



Since we are all home, we are all doing a lot of online shopping! These are some of my favorite online stores that I think you guys will like:

#4: Zara: I love Zara because they sell a lot of items that look like they could be priced in the luxury range but are actually quite affordable! I do have to mention that it is on the more

"expensive" side of affordable. Their jackets are really nice and I have heard that they have some good shoes (heels, etc.) as well!

#3: Asos: I love shopping on Asos. They have so many cool pieces and it isn't super expensive! I love their jewelry and I'm pretty sure you can get a set of three necklaces for $10-12! I bought I puffer jacket from them a year or two ago and I still am obsessed with it! I recommend Asos if you want/need some fun pieces for your closet!

#2: UNIF: Now, this is the one expensive item on this list. I truly love these designs and the whole aesthetic of this brand! I recommend this if you love bright colors and quirky designs, or if you want to switch up your vibe a little bit!

And lastly...

#1: Depop: On Depop people can sell and buy clothing! A lot of my favorite shops have vintage items or the garments have been thrifted by the shop owner! If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you check out this platform!!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe found a brand or two that you are interested in!

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