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Review of: Louis Vuitton F/w 2020 show


What was my opinion of the Louis Vuitton show?

I found the newest line from Nicholas Ghesquière super creative and I loved where he got his inspiration from. I thought the use of the 15th century as inspiration for multiple designs was amazing. The skirts that were worn by a bunch of the models towards the beginning of the show very interesting and a great piece to have on the runway. The skirts, that I assume used the 15th century for inspiration, had great movement on the runway. Louis Vuitton is known for it's high quality and amazing craftsmanship, and I definitely saw this on the runway. From suit coats to jackets the sharp lines and precise shapes the craftsmanship was out of this world. I believe that Nicholas Ghesquière gives a fun and flashy flare to Louis Vuitton while also keeping the chic and classy brand it has always been.


What were my favorite pieces?

Below I put some photos of my favorite pieces from the show:

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