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Review of: Off-White F/W 2020 Show


What did I think of the Off-White Show?

I think that this show was a great way for Virgil Abloh to come back to Off-White from doing the Louis Vuitton menswear. I loved the use of cow print thought the show from accessories to pants. I think it gave a fun spin to the show. Also, I liked the use of holes in the pieces and designs. I've noticed Virgil doing these"holes" more recently in a lot of designs including cutting holes in a pair of Jordan 5's. Off-White is probably my favorite brand and I really like the brand because of the use of extravagant designs in the clothing. From cow print to checkered to graffiti to construction inspired items, Virgil always finds ways to incorporate fun patterns/designs into the clothes.


Did I like the fact that the show was basically a Hadid family event?

I actually did like seeing the whole Hadid family (except for Anwar) on the runway. Yolanda Hadid (the mom) hasn't been on the runway in 35 years so it was nice seeing her walking down in a beautiful white suit coat with black pants. Also I feel like it must of been awesome for the whole family to walk down the runway together.


In conclusion I loved the Off-White show and I'm excited to see more from Virgil Abloh not only at Off-White but also at Louis Vuitton.

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