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Sunglasses For Summer You'll Love!

Today's post is all about sunglasses! I'm going to list my favorites at the moment. Hope you guys enjoy it!!



Now the list of sunglasses that you should check out!

#4: Ray-Ban:

I really love the shape of these glasses, I feel like anyone could pull them off! I also am obsessed with the green and gold colorway! Definitely check them out!

#3: Loewe Rectangular:

This style of sunglasses is really in! I am loving all of the designs coming from Loewe and I think you guys will love them too! These are my favorites right now!

#2: Versace Medusa:

Again with the same sort of shape, these can easily be paired with anything. These are definitely a great high fashion pair of sunglasses that everyone could wear.

And last but not least...

#1: Gucci Square with Charms:

These glasses are extremely extravagant...but I love them so much. These are not as everyday wear as the others but I really wanted to add them to the list! By far my favorites on the list!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have any comments or recommendations I would love to hear them!

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