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Throwback Thursday: 90's Chanel

In today's post, I am going to be talking about my absolute favorite era from Chanel! I hope you guys enjoy it!



Who was the designer for Chanel in the 90's:

Anyone who has an interest in fashion should know, the iconic, Karl Lagerfeld. He was appointed to work for Chanel in 1983. His designs truly changed how Chanel's brand did financially. After the Death of Coco, the brand had barely been surviving off sales from some clothing and perfume, but once Karl Lagerfeld arrived it all changed. He got his start in the industry after winning a competition designing coats. As the prize, he got to intern and be an assistant at Balmain where he learned a lot. After being appointed he created the (now) iconic "CC" monogram. This changed the game and gave a modern twist to Chanel.


What made Chanel so great throughout the 90's:

To start, Chanel's Runway shows were always the talk throughout the fashion weeks. The loud music to the flashing photography to the iconic models, it was a big deal if you were there for the experience! Chanel's shows were always adorned with supermodels, from Cindy Crawford to Naomi Campbell. Personally, I give Chanel credit for the trend of "famous" models. Another great thing about the shows was the renewing of different designs in the shows with a modern reconstruction. An example of this would be when Karl Lagerfeld re-did the iconic Chanel suit in 1994 for Naomi Campbell in a bright purple color!


I hope you guys enjoyed today's post! Please let me know if you have any comments or recommendations!

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