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Throwback Thursday: Versace in the '90s

I will be talking about the Gianni Versace era in the '90s and ways he changed fashion. So many people in fashion loved him and his work truly made an imprint on fashion forever.



Versace in the '90s:

Gianni Versace shows were a whole experience. The bright colors and beautiful supermodels made these shows truly one of a kind. Versace reinvented what the beauty standards were and how the models walked throughout the '90s. The powerful, "sexy" walk, known to be used by Naomi Campbell and other models, definitely came to life at Versace shows.

His use of bright colors and crazy patterns what just one of the main characteristics of a Gianni Versace collection. He found a way to somehow make these crazy patterns look absolutely gorgeous and not tacky one bit. Another thing is that so many iconic models blossomed in the Versace shows. It wasn't a true Gianni Versace show if you didn't see Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford strut down the runway.


Gianni Versace was known to have many influences behind his collections. You could tell by looking at his designs that he was strongly influenced by ancient Greek history. He chose the Medusa head design as the logo because she would make people fall in love with her and they could never go back. He used this "motto" for his designs. He also used Andy Warhol as inspiration for many of his garments. (An example of this is the dress Naomi is wearing above on the right.)

Fun Fact:

Also, one thing I would like to note, that is very important to Gianni Versace's legacy, is that he was the first openly gay designer. He came out in 1995 by introducing his boyfriend, Antonio D’Amico.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'm going to start doing quick "Throwback Thursdays" every Thursday afternoon, so if you like these and have any ideas I would love to hear them.

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