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Throwback Thursday: Jacquemus 1997 Show

This isn't too far of a throwback, but I really wanted to review the Jacquemus show from last January. This show is said to be his most emotional and important show for Simon Jacquemus himself.



What was the inspiration behind this collection?

What inspired Jacquemus to create this collection was the first time he made a garment for his mom. Back in 1997, his mother went out to the market place one day and while she was out he ripped down the curtain. He then started to use this fabric to create a skirt for his mom. This creation and his mom have been big inspirations for his brand and designs. This collection brings all of that to life.


Now on to the collection:

From the pasta shaped gold necklaces to earrings inspired by eyelets in a shower curtain, the accessories in this collection were truly amazing. He decided to add elements of youthfulness to the collection as a representation of the time when he was a kid. I also love the use of the neutral color palette in the designs. This, he said, is representative of the color of the curtain he made his mom's skirt out of. I believe that if you are able to execute a full collection with only neutral colors, it shows how creative of a designer you are. This is because you have to primarily focus on the construction and tailoring/fit of the garments to bring them to life.

Model wearing "Les Pates" necklace (pasta) ^


Overall opinion of the show/collection:

I really liked this show and the use of his childhood as an inspiration. I feel like when designers use times or things that are personal or important to them it really gives the collection so much more power and emotion. The use of neutral colors was absolutely gorgeous and gave the collection an aspect wearability while still being stunning and luxurious. Jacquemus is an amazing, creative designer that really will be marked down in fashion history.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I am starting to do a Throwback Thursday post every week so stay tuned for more of that! If you have any recommendations or comments I would love to hear them!

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