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Top 4 Celebrity Loungewear Looks!

Do you love loungewear? Well, so do celebrities! Here is a list of my favorite loungewear looks recently! Hope you enjoy:



Now onto the list!

#4: Hailey Beiber wearing Frankies Bikinis Sweatpants: I love these blue/green tie-dye sweatpants! They fit her personality perfectly and I love how she styled them with a green windbreaker and white shoes! Overall pretty great loungewear look:

#3: Kim K wearing Skims and Yeezy: Is it even really Kim if she's not wearing Skims or Yeezy? Well, in this photo I love the simple black on black moment that looks great on her. I am usually a fan of bright and exciting colors, but something about this just looks great on her. I love the shape of the Yeezy sweatpants, as well! Definitely a very Kim K look:

Next up...

#2: Kylie Jenner wearing (again) Skims: Another Skims look, this teddy bear two-piece is amazing! It looks so comfortable and easy to wear, while still looking somewhat luxe. I really love this colorway of the skims piece and would 10/10 recommend it to anyone!

And lastly...

#1: Jeffree Star wearing a Bright Pink Set: Jeffree Star is known for his two-piece sweatsuits and this one did not let me down! I'm not sure of the brand but all of the details are great: the color, the fit, etc. Also, the best part is the custom Louis Vuitton mask made out of an LV Towel. This was made by on Instagram! I give this look an 11/10!!


I hope you guys liked the post and found some inspiration for your own loungewear looks. Even though there is nowhere to wear fashion right now, it is still good to be in the know!

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Stay Safe

- Owen P

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