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Trends Behind: F/w 2020 Womens

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

In todays blog post I'm going to discuss trends that I saw in the F/W women's shows



Now that we are all stuck in quarantine there is no better time to review all of the shows that have happened quite recently! Here are some of the many trends that I noticed when watching the shows and looking at the pieces for this fall.


Tailoring: Now tailoring has always been a part of the fashion industry, but recently I have seen some beautiful work done on pieces from Proenza Schouler and Louis Vuitton

Pops of Color: Also, recently I've been seeing extravagant and glamorous pops of color come down the runway. Some of my faves have been by Carolina Herrera!

Fringes: These flowing items can be very tricky on luxury goods because they can look a little tacky, but Prada and Dior definitely found a way to make fringes very fashionable with a boho chic moment!

Gloves: I found this funny that gloves are a new fashion item when right now we're all needing them! But they truly are a great way to style a evening wear outfit.

Shearling Shaggy Jackets: These jackets have been very popular for multiple years but I feel like Stella McCartney and Prada did an extremely good job creating these.

Those are some of my favorite trends from the recent shows! If you have anything you would like me to cover in future posts! I hope everyone stays safe and has an amazing day!

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