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Trends for Summer 2020

In today's post I am going list some trends I'm excited for this summer (even though we're still in quarantine)



Even though we might not be able to wear fashion to as many places or experience as many shows, it is still great to be in the know!

First up...

Loud Prints:

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of all prints, but recently a lot of the prints coming out are actually quite wearable. Also, it is quite difficult to make a garment with prints not look tacky and I think Versace did a great job with this!


Neon is definitely making a come back this season. From dresses to shorts; from high-fashion to streetwear! I am really enjoying this trend and I hope all of you guys like it as well! This is a great neon dress by Valentino!

70's Inspired:

As some of you may know from previous posts (specifically Gucci ones) that I love the 70's and use of the 70's as inspiration! I am so happy that this is becoming more of a trend among other brands besides Gucci. Here is a personal favorite from Marc Jacobs:

Shorts with a Suit:

This may seem a little weird to some people, but I am obsessed. I think it adds a new flare to the average suit and spices it up a little. I also think that it's something that many people could pull off! Here's an example by Salvatore Ferragamo:


I hope you guys liked that post and maybe it got you into the summer mood! If you have any comments or recommendations I would be so happy to hear them!

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Stay safe

- Owen Price

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