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What shoes are in right now (mens)

Here I discuss what shoes I think are in at the moment and which ones are out!

^ Up here are some photos I took while walking around the city of 📍Boston


What shoes are in at the moment?

Well, here is a list that I composed with all the shoes I think are in:

  1. Collaborations: Right now there has been a lot of buzz around Nike doing collabs with high end fashion houses for shoes. My personal favorites are the Nike/Off White Dunk Lows, The Dior Jordan 1's, and the Nike/Sacai LD Waffle (as shown above on bottom left).

  2. Loafers: These shoes have always been iconic but recently I feel like I have seen more people out and wearing them for fashion. Some of my favorites are the forever iconic Gucci Princeton, Christian Louboutin Milkylion Studded Venetian Loafers, and Givenchy Cruz Penny Loafer

  3. Platform/Chunky Shoes: As I've been looking at street style photos from the fashion weeks, I have noticed a trend in the platform or "chunky" shoes. Shoe of this genre I have been liking are the Alexander Mcqueen oversized sneaker, Versace Chain Reaction sneakers, and the Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneakers.


What shoes are out?

Now, here is a list of shoes that I either don't really like or that I think aren't super popular right now:

  1. Yeezys (Kind Of): These shoes will always be quite "popular" or hyped up but recently I think that the newer color ways aren't as popular and that they aren't as amazing as the previous ones. But I do like that Kanye is making them more limited again (example was the Quantum Basketball release in Chicago).

  2. Balenciaga Speed Trainers (Sock Shoes): I love the design these shoes but I feel like that they have been over worn and that there are so many other great shoes that Balenciaga has come out with that the "Sock Shoe" could take a break for a bit.


So those are two lists of what menswear shoes I think are in and out.

Check out some photos of streetwear that I took in the "Photography" page!

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